FAQ: Solar Electric

Solar Electric Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How much does a solar electric system for my home cost?

A: The price of residential solar electric systems varies based on system size, panel choice, and incentives in your state. Systems can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 before incentives. The good news is, a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the price.


Q.What are the incentives for going solar?

A. Residents in all states are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. After that, programs vary by state but may include rebates, net metering, income, and property tax exemptions.


Q. How long does it take to pay off the investment in my solar electric system?

A. Payoff of your investment varies depending on your financial arrangement for purchase.  Most homeowners recover their entire solar investment in 6-12 years, compared to 20 years just a few years ago.


Q. What is involved in a typical solar panel installation?

A:  Solar electric installations are quite simple – that’s part of their beauty and why they are virtually maintenance-free.  The panels are mounted on the roof or in the yard and connected to either an inverter mounted near the main panel in the house, or to micro-inverters mounted under the solar panels.


Q. How long does it take to get solar?

A. The actual installation is quick, a few days usually. The paperwork and approvals take a bit longer. But don’t worry, we will handle most of the work, and keep you apprised of the timing every step of the way. We will agree on a specific timetable for your project with you.


Q:  How can I tell if solar will work on my house?

A:  For the best results, the solar panels should be mounted on a southerly direction on your roof or in your yard. By “southerly” we mean facing somewhere between southeast and southwest. The panels should have little to no shade on them during the hours of 9 AM to 3 PM throughout the year. During our visit to your home, we will conduct a “shade reading” to determine the amount of shade present at your location for the entire year.

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